Shoot and *bang* ;; ver. 03

Shoot and *bang* ;; ver. 03

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!mod post
aki_hikari wrote in bulletshoot
Icons will not be posted here anymore. Please go to Corial to look more for the icons. Thank you.

I'm so sorry for the affiliates, if you want to remove me, please do so... Or you can change the link to corial and please tell me if you do so. ^____^

Currently, this site is not SO active, due to:

  1. I'm still a student. I have to study, so I can't make update often.

  2. I'm thinking to make LJ layouts, there is 40% possibility that I will make it.

  3. This site maybe will only provide LJ layouts or profile layouts in future.

  4. I'm running out of inspiration. ^^;

That's all. Thanks for the support. I'll try my best to update. <3


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